Aug 26, 2011

Best birthday ever

You know that girl who always manage to get trashed on her birthday, her friends' birthdays, and her friends' friends birthdays? She would take shots after shots, mix all sorts of liquor, wine and beer, put her hands up in the air and scream for no reason, slip and fall on the dance floor, lose her cell phone, walk on the street barefoot because her heels hurt so much, high five strangers that wonder why she's walking barefoot, and crawl home when the sun comes up?

Yeah. That was me... for the past 8 years.

But this time around, I'm a little different. I went to a few nice restaurants, including KiWe and Terroni in Toronto, and Union Bar and Grille in Boston. I had some really amazing wine and cocktails with multiple group of friends, and got home by....... midnight! Every single time! And let me tell you, it was the most refreshing birthday ever. I had a better balance and realized how lucky I was, receiving all the lavish presents and spending time with my loved ones. When there's good drinks, good food, and good company, there's really no need for those extra tequila shots. May the hangovers be gone for the rest of my birthdays to come!

 This was disguised as ONE present.......

 And it turned out to be TWO with a really really cute card!!!

 And of course, agn├Ęs b jewelry from my mom... I think I have a collection of them by now.

Not that I'm complaining. I love jewelry and love that shiny cobalt blue!!

A custom card from London UK... such a big surprise! Sad that she had to use a picture from like, 10 years ago though. 

 And hello, Starbucks will never forget about me. I love that they send actual cards instead of e-cards.

Sipping a delicious Fool of the Holidays from Union Bar and Grille. Sweet cocktail is not really my thing but I loved this one. 

Dark candle-lit restaurant 

Ohmigod warm CORNBREAD on a skillet! It made my day. 

Shrimp and grits. Having spent 4 years in the south, I never expected to find the best grits in Boston! It was so good I could eat another serving. 

Sirloin steak cooked to medium rare.

Cheese ravioli with caramelized onions and snap peas. I wish the cheese was saltier/stronger to counter balance the sweetness of the onions, peas and broth.

Chocolate bread pudding. The pudding was super moist and the ice cream was surprisingly light. Delish.

I am the luckiest girl in the world :)

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