Aug 10, 2011


Once in a while, I manage to find time for things other than food...

... like fashion-y things. I mean afterall, I do try to keep up with the world outside of the kitchen. I don't really care for the monogrammed bags, never have. But the PUGS! Look how cute they are! And see how fast I got distracted? That's me... I get distracted by many different things, a million times a day.  

So today, instead of sharing my love for food, I'm just going to dedicate a post to my favorite pet, and to my favorite designer who is also obsessed with pugs. Today I'm going to drown you with cuteness instead of deliciousness. 

This is exactly how I would dress up my pugs in the winter... badass fur collar with gold hardware! 

And this, in contrast, is elegance at its best...

I can't even express my love for Valentino in words. Love his dresses, love his diva attitude, and of course, love his obsession with pugs.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos as much as I do! 

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